Cricklewood, in North West London, is a community with no public space: no town hall, no library, no square, not even a single bench.

In response, Spacemakers have created Cricklewood Town Square: a mobile public space which will roam across the area from 31st August to 28th September, reclaiming forgotten patches of land, and transforming them into civic spaces for everyone to use.

The square, designed and built by Studio Kieren Jones, will move across Cricklewood on the back of a bicycle, establishing tiny, temporary pieces of common ground at various underused sites: from the grass space next to B&Q, to an empty pavement outside a bingo hall, and even on a rooftop car park.

The project aims to show what public space can do for a community, and how even these scraps of land can be used to create a sense of place. But more than this, it aims to set a precedent, and help local people start asking a question: what sort of space do we want, and where could we find it?

For more information, follow @cricktownsq, find us on Facebook, or email us.